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Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth

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Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth Empty Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth

Post by RicoTrooper on January 2nd 2014, 5:43 am

This anime seems to be very old but I wonder how many of you watched this anime series. If I remember it right, this anime was aired in the Philippines both in GMA and ABS-CBN between 4-5PM.

GMA aired Magic Knight Rayearth, while ABS-CBN aired Rayearth (I don't know exactly when it was aired but Magic Knight Rayearth aired first before Rayearth).

Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth Magic_10

Spoiler of Magic Knight Rayearth:
Magic Knight Rayearth focuses on three eighth-grade girls: tomboyish and headstrong Hikaru Shidou (獅堂 光); the quick-tempered only child Umi Ryuuzaki (龍咲 海); and intelligent Fuu Hououji (鳳凰寺 風). While on a field trip to the Tokyo Tower with their respective schools, the girls find themselves drawn into another world, Cephiro. There they learn that Cephiro is influenced by one's will and that the Pillar maintains Cephiro through prayer. The girls are then tasked with rescuing the current Pillar, Princess Emeraude, from her abductor, the high priest and antagonist Zagato, after which they will be returned to Tokyo.

Guided by the creature Mokona on their quest, the girls discover their respective element-based magic and awaken the three Rune-Gods (魔神 or Mashin), who can take the form of giant robots. As the girls progress on their journey, they overcome their differences, learning how to work together and accept each other as friends. After the girls find and destroy Zagato, they finally reach Emeraude, but they learn that she had fallen in love with Zagato, hindering her ability to pray solely for Cephiro's well-being, and imprisoned herself as a result. Feeling responsible for her actions, she summoned the Magic Knights to kill her, as no one from Cephiro could harm the Pillar. Her dark side then takes over, seeking to destroy the Magic Knights for killing her love. After a short defensive fight against Princess Emeraude, the Magic Knights have no choice but to kill her. They then find themselves transported back to Tokyo.

The second part of the series deals with the complications caused by Princess Emeraude's death. Meeting again at Tokyo Tower, they find themselves transported mysteriously to Cephiro again, and discover that only a single piece of Cephiro remains, which holds a castle where the survivors gather to take refuge. With the Pillar gone, Cephiro is, for the most part, defenseless, and the girls are saddened to learn that a new Pillar must be chosen by the Pillar system before the whole planet is destroyed. Three warring planets begin their attempts to conquer Cephiro: Autozam, a technologically advanced world which intends to use the Pillar system to remove the pollution in its air; Fahren, whose childish ruler Lady Aska plans to turn it into a world of her whims; and Chizeta, an overpopulated world whose sibling rulers Tatra and Tarta see Cephiro as a potential colony.

Most notable differences are the creation of two anime-only antagonists, Nova and Lady Debonair, who were born from the intense despair of Hikaru and the people of Cephiro respectively after the death of Princess Emeraude. It is also revealed by the Rune Gods that the girls were summoned back to Cephiro by their own will, most notably Hikaru's as her strength of heart also allowed her to become the new Pillar, a position she rejects in a similar fashion to the manga.

Rayearth is actually an Original Video Animation (OVA) and aired after its manga and anime adaption so don't be confused with the two.

Spoiler of Rayearth:
 The OVA was named simply Rayearth, and its story was quite different from the original. The characters are all the same, but the relationships, places and events changed radically.

In the OVA, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are already friends who go to the same school and will soon be leaving for high school. Suddenly, a strange fairy (which turns out to be Mokona, the creature from the original series) appears in front of them. At the same time, strange monsters and wizards start to appear in the city of Tokyo. One of them is Clef, who tries to guide the three girls in order to let them become the Magic Knights, awaken their Mashin and fight against the evil wizards from Cephiro, who are trying to invade the human world. In this version, Ferio, who is a sorcerer under Princess Emerude's command, is not her brother. Eagle Vision fills that role instead, as well as being the main antagonist after he tricked Zagato to commit suicide in order to bring upon a false balance to Cephiro. His ties to Autozam are non-exsistent in this version, as he is a citizen of Cephiro from the start. He would put a spell on Emeraude to convince her that Zagato is still alive, so that the sourcerers of Cephiro can continue to exist on Earth as the two worlds would soon merge and each sorcerer would battle against the Magic Knights. Lantis is also introduced right away as being an ally to the Magic Knights and against Eagle's plans. The only other characters that are in the OVA are Ascot and Alcyone, with none of the other characters are featured.

Honestly, I haven't finished Magic Knight Rayearth when I was a seven or eight but I love listening to its ending song (it was pretty bouncy to listen to it). Unfortunately, I don't know the song title.

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Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth Sig10

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Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth Empty Re: Magic Knight Rayearth and Rayearth

Post by kyirlessness on January 2nd 2014, 9:39 pm

A classic anime.. I have watched this(almost half the season) but sad to say that I didn't finish it. In fact the only thing that I still remember about this anime is its Opening Song which was very catchy and nice like Ghost Fighter, Slam Dunk, Fushigi Yuugi and Flame of Recca Openings.

Whats more is I really like the concept of this being an other dimension, Mecha type anime. Its just that since I was 9 years old I really don't like watching Shojo genre's(which of course I wasn't aware, I just now they are somewhat similar in a way) just like Cardcaptor Sakura, Alice Academy, Fushigi Yuugi and Magic Knight Rayearth.

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