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[PC] Arcana Hearts 3

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[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Empty [PC] Arcana Hearts 3

Post by Anko on January 3rd 2014, 6:22 am

[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 780px-Ah3lm

Description :
Arcana Heart 3 is the third installment of EXAMU's fighting game franchise, Arcana Heart. It was released January 13th 2011.

The game has seen many changes from the first version of Arcana Heart to become the game that it is today. Newcomers to Arcana Heart can look forward to enjoying a fast paced game with many movement options and relatively simple system mechanics that make this game both fun and addictive. Old players of this series will notice how the pace of the game has increased from the previous version due to high damage and free use of homing.
Arcana Heart 3 has a cast of 23 female characters and 23 Arcana, guardian spirits that you can utilize in battle. Each arcana boasts different strengths, you can choose which one suits your play style and/or character the best. This wiki is designed to give players an in depth look at the mechanics and each character and arcana to help give a better understanding of this game.

Story :
It has been two months since Angelia Avallone attempted to use the dimensional distortion above the Kantou area in Japan for her scheme. In that time, the organization "Drexler," whom once distributed demonic arts throughout Europe during a certain war, had resumed operations all over the globe. The secret branch in Japan was destroyed by the West Europe Spirit Agency and they established the branch office "Rosenberg" there in its place. Immediately following that, a large dimensional disruption was observed by many. The timing of this event was most unnatural, and there were rumors of secret activity from the defunct Drexler branch. In order to resolve these events, the Japanese Spirit Agency has dispatched their Scared Maidens. The Rosenberg office also sent their Sacred Maidens but in their way stands a new foe, opponents that have been granted the powers of a Sacred Maiden, Valkyries. There are only six days until Japan sinks into the sea...

Game Info :
Genre :2D - Fighting - Action
Released : April 19, 2011
Developer : Examu
Platform : PC

Trailer :

Images :
[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Arcana-heart-20
[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 E62aa88b52c5260f672729618bc6c13720100128132408
[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Ah3gal3
[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Arcana-heart-3-20110211014902418_640w
[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 1_thumb3

Fixed Keyboard controller
Download here : download/n547pa22r50a57x/AH3+Keyboard+controller.7z

Keyboard controls:
[Player1 controler]
f1 - coin
1 - start
W - up
S - down
A - left
D - right
J - weak attack
K -medium attack
L - strong attack
U - homing
I - arcana attack
[Player2 controler]
2 - start
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - arrow key
Num1 - weak attack
num2 - medium attack
Num3 - strong attack
Num4 - homing
Num5 - arcana attack

Downloads :
mediafire ?viegc13lgzhvl


rar password : 4xnbigkpc 41cmqcouz m0dm208ci o99eroa41 3me16sq2w nc91jlohd


[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Hihi_zpsce1e8c49[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Hihi2_zps99f8699f
[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Hihi3_zpsccf42fa9[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Hihi4_zps15b23346

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[PC] Arcana Hearts 3 Empty Re: [PC] Arcana Hearts 3

Post by ShinnSenpai on May 9th 2014, 4:49 am

Thank for the link ~

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