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  1. deguzmanricardo16
    August 18th 2014, 5:48 pm
    Message by deguzmanricardo16 - Gomen~
    Arigato for reminding me nabasa ko na po yung rules pero di ko na sunod na apply ko kasi yung pagcomment ko sa ibang forum Salamat po talaga Smile
    Watashi wa hontoni Gomenasai
  2. RicoTrooper
    August 18th 2014, 5:33 pm
    Message by RicoTrooper - I've seen your profile and not bad at all
    I did checks on your profile and posts. I notice minor misdemeanors on some of your recent posts that concerns about "Chain quotes and/or quoting the whole post."

    I appreciate the enthusiasm you're showing to the forum, however, rules are rules.
    I'm not giving any warnings but this is just a friendly reminder about that matter. Otherwise, make use of the "@username" if quoting can be avoided. Moreover, use quotes sparingly. They're used for giving emphasis on some points on someone's post.

    No need for preaching. You're showing a good job as a forum mod. Keep up the good work~

Rank: Moderator
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