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ACGP Confession

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ACGP Confession - Page 2 Empty Re: ACGP Confession

Post by ninjapervert on July 20th 2014, 10:25 am

confessions is now available at

ACGP Confessions


ACGP Confession - Page 2 8
Pervert wrote:Its better to FAP than to DRUGS


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ACGP Confession - Page 2 Empty Re: ACGP Confession

Post by DelioPadua on September 6th 2014, 7:50 pm

Evertime na naliligo ako, kinakanta ko yung mga favorite Anime openings ko <3

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ACGP Confession - Page 2 Empty Re: ACGP Confession

Post by Mystes on September 8th 2014, 12:01 pm

Back in my first year high school days, I was bullied by 90% of the whole class and I used to be a loner back then. The only thing that kept me company were my gaming friends only at Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and became part of a clan for 4 whole years.

Within the span of those long years, I striven to become a person acceptable by standard and considerate to those in need of a helping hand/personal advice. Throughout these times I have sought answers to many questions that would leave you thinking and asking why? Doubting to each and every part of this imperfect world that would always leave a negative memory within you or cause catastrophe in a very sudden and selective manner.

And thus, I have continued my struggles and continue to answer questions that I have yet to ask to myself and ponder thus far.

Since the above statements might be TL;DR to some, I'll leave some neat info here

my personal favorite genres may it be games or anime are fantasy, sci-fi, stuff involving advanced space technologies, good slice of life filled with acceptable sense, and.. I can't think of the other if I have missed some haha

Ever since last year I selectively download Official sountracks in .flac format for my needs as an Audiophile Very Happy

Addiction to Phantasy Star Online 2 has doubled since the update @September 4 cause it's awesome! Very Happy
To those playing at Ship 1(Server 1), feel free to ask me to come play xD


ACGP Confession - Page 2 NakajouAzusaMahouka_koukou_no_rettousei24698_zps6cc1eb50

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ACGP Confession - Page 2 Empty Re: ACGP Confession

Post by Sponsored content

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