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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post by ultracheat45 on December 14th 2013, 6:11 am

Rule #1 : Create A Thread In The Right Section
Each Thread has its own specific categories/topics/discussion and uses for the purpose that we need to sort topics to its specific place. Threads found in the wrong section will be, deleted, moved or locked depending on the criteria and the content of that particular thread. Guidelines for each thread will be released for you to be guided accordingly.

Rule #2 : Exemplify Proper Manners And Behavior Inside.
Respect all forum users, members, moderators, and admin staff. Showing proper courtesies must be observed inside and proper criticism is encouraged. Inflammatory remarks such as racial discrimination, insults, violent, and simply irritating and harmful content will be deleted accordingly without question. Equal footing and respects are highly encouraged here to have your forum browsing experience, more fun and meaningful. Flaim-baits are also a violation to our forums and also rudely apprehending people who violated our rules is also not allowed. It is the job of the mods to apprehend with respect and authority so leave it to the proper moderators and admins if you seen any violators.

Rule #3 : Forum Flood Is Not Allowed

"FORUM FLOOD" Could Be Any Of The Following !

S.P.A.M (Stupid Posts And Messages):
Replies to threads consisting only of One-Liners, smiley icons, witty remarks, anything non-sense and such other messages. Please put a little more effort into Your posts and try to make Them meaningful. Frequent post flooding of identical messages on the same/different threads is not allowed.

Unintelligible And Unclear Posts/Threads:
Unintelligible posts that really shows how stupid are you or how confused are you will not be tolerated. We are intelligently enough to post where it should be and as always, think before you click. Always check your content before posting.

Two Or More Consecutive Posts In A Row On The Same Thread or Double Posting:
Posting two Or More Consecutive Posts In A Row On The Same Thread is strongly discouraged (either if it is intentional or unintentional due to weak connection and/or using internet with a low-end computer). There is an "Edit" option for Your posts so please use it. If it is done consecutively then we will consider it as a spam depending on the gravity of the offense and we will delete it if it is utterly necessary. Otherwise, press the "Send" button only once to avoid double posting.

Creating Multiple Threads Redundant And Irrelevant In A Short Amount Of Time:
While We do enjoy Your enthusiasm by contributing our Forums however, Posting too much redundant post is highly offensive and intolerable. You will not gain anything for posting many contents into the forum but it is highly appreciated if your posts and topics are very meaningful and interactive.

Showing Mass Raw Images In A Single Post:
Please provide thumbnail images or links instead of the actual raw image. Posting obscene amounts of images not only slows down the thread but also provides inconveniences to Members who have a slower connection speed.

The use of memes or images as means of post response in a thread:
The use of memes (Rage Comic characters, famous personalities in the internet, etc.) is inappropriate in the forum. That is why there is a keyboard in your computer to input your thoughts. Memes can be starters of flaming or used to troll other members in the forum. Although some of the memes are funny, they strongly discouraged to be used in the forum.

Moreover, the use of any image that no text/messages/captions follows on is strongly discouraged. If you still wanted to share images in the forum that no messages follows on, you can use links instead.

Chain Quoting or Quoting the Whole Post:
Quoting the whole post of a specific member could lengthen the whole post. Thus, it can flood the topic because of repetition of words on the thread and can create confusion to others. Choose only portions of the original post and quote. Otherwise, if you wanted to quote the posts of two or more members, apply the same thing as mentioned above. If there is a previous post with a quote on it, refrain from chain quoting that post as it will lengthen the succeeding posts.

However, quoting a "one line response" is exempted on this rule. Therefore, use quotes sparingly on important responses or points to avoid post flooding.

The use of foreign language or certain diction that only a few people knows:
It can create semantic noise or misunderstanding in the forum if these words are used in topics. If you can't stop yourself using these words (Latin terms, Japanese words in either Romaji or Hiragana, jargons used in certain profession/field, etc.) to the threads or to the forum, you can enclose the meaning or translation in a bracket or parenthesis. As much as possible, use words with deep meanings or foreign words sparingly.

Improper capitalizations and transliteration of letters:
Replies and/or posts that consists of improper capitalization of words (typing in all caps and/or sticky caps) and transliterated letters into such symbols (the use of special characters to represent letters) are strongly discouraged and prohibited in this forum. These can create floods in some threads. Type properly and use the shift keys on your keyboard. Or if the shift key is broken, use your Caps Lock instead.

Rule #4 : Signature And Avatar Guidelines
Signatures and Avatars should be of appropriate content for all ages and should be within the specified limit. Using any type of embedded flash video player, music player, flash games, flash banner, and any type of embedded flash objects are forbidden. Moreover, any image content in your avatar that contains violent/gory animation, ecchi and harem content (in form of showing and touching of private parts of the body, nudity, etc.), racism, religious and ethnic discrimination, hate speech and profane/mature language, and anything indecent are also forbidden. Any users caught using these inappropriate objects and image content will be punished accordingly.

"Avatar Limits" - 200 pixels in height, 150 pixels in width and 2MB maximum file size.
"Signature Limits" - 480 pixels in height, 640 pixels in width and 2MB maximum file size.

An example would be if, you are using two pictures that have a combined size of 640x480 and at 2MB then it is allowed.

Rule #5 : Site Promotions And Advertisements Are Not Allowed
Threads/Posts aiming to promote Your own site or "Your Friend's Site" is strictly prohibited. Moreover, online ads such as "Free iPad, Selling Nike, etc" are not allowed, All such posts/signatures will be edited or deleted. Any new users posting scams will be banned permanently; contributing users will either be warned or temporarily banned.

Rule #6 : Cite correct information in your profile
Make sure as you register in the forum, cite correct information in your forum account like Birthday, Gender, and others.

Any user who cites misleading contact information like the contact links (must be a complete URL of the aforementioned contacts and must be your personal contact and doesn't belong to other person), websites that other people/group owns, or citing any contacts that belongs to a friend, to a pseudonym (a fake account or person), or doesn't exist; and providing such misleading personal profile information (including the hobbies that contains indecent information) shall also be given a warning to that member, or ban to that member if these pieces information are not fixed and corrected, and/or if it is done by that member repeatedly.

Don't worry, The Anime Corner Forum Philippines will not share any of your personal and contact information outside of the forum and to anonymous person/group that will compromise your personal security.

Rule #7 : Proper use of the Profile Status
Don't write your status that contains race, religious and/or ethnic discrimination, hate speech and profane/mature language, flame baiting or insulting messages, links to advertise/endorse something, and anything indecent. Any person who misuses the status bar shall be given punishment accordingly.

Rule #8 : Multiple Accounts Are Not Allowed
There is absolutely no reason to have a multiple accounts in the forum. If we found out that you are using many accounts simultaneously, we will ban all of your account.

Rule #9 : Do Not "Necro" Old Theads
Non-stickied topics that are bumped down the Forums ranging from a few weeks, to more than a month should not be bumped. Doing so will get the topic locked and You will be issued a warning.

If You want to discuss a topic that was debated in the past, create a new thread about it, You can make a reference to the old topic in your new topic as well.

Note: In some rare cases, the staff will let some topics be bumped, but those cases are subject to staff jurisdiction.

Rule #10 : H-Content , Outside Of That, Make Sure That Your Post Are Safe For Work
Posting inappropriate content such as promoting violence in any form and posting/promoting hentai is not tolerable. Any users caught doing this act will be punished accordingly.

We Recommend You Joining The "Gehin to kan'nō" Fan Club! If You Know What We Mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Please keep it in mind that the following rules also applies anywhere within our reach, our forum - through chat, thread, posts, private or guest messages. Additionally, we request our members to report any form of activity that are against our rules that hasn't been detected by our staff, by sending a private message to who ever is available, or online.

Regarding the usage of the forum and other related stuff, the FAQ can help you out in your posting blues. Just be responsible with whatever you are posting around the forum.

In any case the aforementioned rules are not kept, we reserve the rights to ban you for inappropriate behavior and may lead to an IP Ban for persistent violation..

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